About Us

Javi and Jane went to high school together. In 11th grade, they hung out with the same group of friends and went on their first adventure together! They went on a three day college trip with their school, visiting 6 amazing colleges they did not end up going to. This was the closest they got during high school. They sat on the bus together the whole trip and bonded over their love for photography. Senior year they had different friends and did not spend time together.

After months of zero interaction, Jane and Javi hung out for the first time on January 25, 2015. They went to a park with some high school friends and played volleyball. On March 2015, they went their first trip together out of town with their friends. They had been texting nonstop before this trip, both excited for the chance to hang out again. They went to Busch Gardens and Adventure Island, theme parks in Tampa.

After the Tampa trip, Jane and Javi started hanging out non-stop. They would find a way to fit a couple hours together between work and school just to see each other. Their next big trip was an overnight camping trip in the Everglades, which was their first time hiking and camping together. After going on two trips together, they noticed a clear connection and they went from friendly to flirty. Javi and Jane kissed for the first time on April 1, 2015, marking the date they would celebrate their anniversary.

Three months into their relationship, they went to Europe with their friends for a month. After visiting 5 countries in one month - Netherlands, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland - they both fell in love with traveling. After that trip, they went on an adventure whenever they got the chance. Jane and Javi have visited 15 countries and 8 states in the last two years with many more adventures to come!