Review: FITGEAR Wind T-Shirts


Being active, exercising, and eating healthy is a big part of our lives. In the last few months, I've was able to earn the body I've always wanted thanks to diet and exercise. The more I worked out, the more workout stuff I realized I needed and didn't have. Coincidentally, FITGEAR reached out to us asking us to review some of their workout products and we were, of course, delighted.

Jane and I both received two shirts from FITGEAR. Jane's shirts were both short sleeves, one black and one dark blue. My shirts were both black, but one is a long sleeve and one is a short sleeve. Right when we got the shirts Jane and I tried them out by going biking with our friends to Oletta River State Park and let's just say the shirts were more than good enough. There is only so much that a workout shirt can do for you, but here are the best features of the shirts and what the shirts and the company are lacking and would need to improve in our perspective. 


The Material

When we first got the shirt, I was expecting some normal cotton shirts just like any other. However, we were both surprised when we felt the materials of the shirts. The material is a really soft polyester that feels really comfortable on your skin. It's also pretty stretchy and doesn't restrict movement whatsoever. 


Water-Absorbant and Quick to Dry

One of the best parts about this shirt for working out, is that they absorb water and sweat pretty well. Jane and I live in Miami which is basically the humidity capital of the world, but even with 95 degree weather and humidity the shirts still kept us dry without it looking like we got out of a water park. I normally sweat a lot at the gym or when it's really hot so this shirt has been good at keeping my water levels in check.

They Look Nice on the Body

The shirts themselves actually have a pretty nice look when we wear them. They are not baggy on the sides and they're not super tight either where my diaphragm can't take in air all the way. They give you an athletic look and when I wear the long sleeve I sometimes feel like a spy since the shirt looks so cool.

Needs Improvement

The Neck Line

One of the features we didn't like about the shirts was the high neckline. It's not bad to the point of choking you, but it is high enough for me to find it a little irritating. I like my chest to have some space to breathe and the high neck line on these shirts do not provide that. If the company made shirts with a lower crew cut neck line or even a v neck they would be perfect.

IMG_5701 2.jpg

The Variety

Even though the shirts are nice looking, they're lacking some variety. On the company website, the short sleeve shirt only has 3 colors to choose from, and they're not the most fun colors either. The long sleeve, which is my personal favorite out of the shirts, only comes in black. It would be nice to be able to get the shirts in different colors or with different designs on it. I sometimes like to look funky and fun when I'm working out. 


There are honestly not too many negative comments I have about these shirts. They hold sweat well, they are really quick to dry, look nice, and are really comfortable. The company could tweak some of their features like making the neck a little lower or adding more funky colors, but other than that, I love the shirts for working out. I'm really glad we got the shirts because now I use them a lot whenever I want to do something active or something that's probably going to make me sweat. Overall, I give the shirts a 4.8 out of 5 stars just because there are some minor annoyances with them.

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